Our Process

We have developed a seamless workflow for creating immersive and engaging 360º tours. It starts by choosing a package that fits the business size, and selecting a shoot date that minimizes business distractions. On the day of the shoot, our professional photographers walk through the business with the owner to confirm tour stop locations. After the source images are captured for each tour stop, we head back into the studio to process everything into seamless 360º panoramic images and interactive virtual tours. Below is a brief glimpse into the digital wizardry that goes into creating Pro360Tours.

Image Processing

The initial phase of image processing involves color correcting native RAW files and blending multiple exposures. High dynamic range source images improve overall quality, and ensure maximum highlight and shadow detail.


To create a fully spherical 360º panoramic image, we capture a series of individual photos in all directions. (North, East, South, West) Then sophisticated software analyzes each image and identifies common points in each photo. A stitching algorithm then aligns each image and blends the edges to create a completely seamless 360º panoramic image. This time consuming process is essential to creating immersive and compelling images.

360º Tour Authoring

Once all the photos have been processed, the final collection of 360º panoramic images are assembled into an interactive virtual tour. Every image is manually linked to each other to create a navigational flow throughout the space. The completed tour allows visitors to look around in any direction, and click on hot spot to navigate from point-to-point as they choose.

Example Demo

The example below features images from the Kaua’i Marriott Resort tour, and is a great illustration of the power of interactive 360º tours.